Opt for this coworking formula if you do not only want to have an official address in Brussels (business address), but you also want to work or meet there occasionally.

Coworking is about a new way of working, allowing the exchanges and the synergies between entrepreneurs. This is an interesting alternative to the loneliness and isolation that may come with the run of activity at home. Exchanges between members will enrich each other, create synergies, working groups, and maybe associations of skills. This is, finally, a great way to boost your motivation and your productivity.

Our package includes:

  • the basic services of Package A (and possibly optional)
  • the use of our coworking system (limited to a maximum of 8 hours per week)
  • internet access (wifi and cable)
  • access to common facilities during your stay (kitchen, …)
  • free use of the meeting room (1 hour per week).

The contracts are on an annual basis and are payable in advance.

Contact us to have further information. You can also download the brochure and have a perfect view of the pricing: click here.

If you need more than a coworking space, you can also rent a physical office.